Marshall Park Computer Systems was born out of a natural progression from the worlds of music, interests in AM & early FM radio, high fidelity stereo, power electronics design, electronics manufacturing and test automation design.
Owner Stephen Funari, has over 19 years working directly in the electronics industry with over 25 years in computing, starting with Microsoft DOS 2.0 via 5 ¼” floppies on IBM personal computers.
Computing expertise includes managed service platform design & administration with 4000+ nodes under management, Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, NT, 2000, Vista, XP, 7 and 8 desktop operating systems, Microsoft Windows server products, 3270 terminals, wired & wireless network installation and troubleshooting, printing and service & repair of various x86 and x64 hardware and software.
Software application expertise includes Microsoft Office products; including on premise, Office Online and Office 365, email systems, anti-virus, malware solutions and others.
hen needed, Marshall Park Computer Systems can leverage the knowledge and expertise of third party providers that we have established relationships with. The provider's skill sets include virtual machine technology, Linux and Solaris operating systems, SQL and more.
Most important, we bring our soft skills (people skills) along with us on the job! A good bedside manner is always important and free!
e appreciate your interest and time in considering us for your computing needs and we look forward to serving you now or in the future.
Stephen Funari
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